Chips Mayai

2014-10-28 09.54.33

After 2 months of enjoying my fridge and all the accoutrements of modern day living I found myself still wanting. Tanzania seemed like a vague memory somewhere, somewhere hot, somewhere I ate carbs on top of carbs and still felt like a good human being. A very different world in which I revered a seventh of a chicken egg like summer rain. In town things were different. I remember walking into a cafe in Singida during our midway break after a month of village camp life and ordering what seemed like the most wonderful and desirable meal on earth. Chips Mayai.

Pronounced “chips my eye” this sunny plate offered everything I wanted. Starchy, moreish, greasy chips held together by a delicious eggy omelette batter. When it arrived I forced myself to take my time, drizzling a radioactive pink chilli sauce and crisscrossing over it in ketchup. I savoured the weight of first the fork then the knife in my hand (i’d been using a plastic baby spoon and bowl for the last month) and cut myself an elegant, wedge-shaped morsel.

So when I woke up this morning with a greyish cold light streaming through my badly chosen John Lewis curtains I found myself thinking back to that sunny plate with new determination.

Here’s what I did:

Stick a handful of McCain fries in the air fryer for 10 mins.

Beat 2 eggs

When the chips are done pour some sunflower oil in a smallish non-stick pan.

Turn the pan onto high heat

Put the chips in the pan and spread roughly

Pour over the beaten egg

After about 1-2 mins flip once, confidently

Flip onto plate. Sunny side up.

I only had a bottle of sweet chilli sauce at home and the chilli sauce I remembered was more acidic so I diced a few chillies and added a dash of cider vinegar to the pan. Ketchup is just as good.

The difference between my meal in Tanzania and my meal in England was that I could follow that stonker with dessert. And do no exercise for the rest of the day.

2014-10-28 10.16.24

The last of the season’s strawberries, sugared with rum-soaked, spiced pineapple, greek yogurt, honey and a sprinkle of muesli.

For all my travelling, all the food I had for breakfast made more of an effort to get there than I did.


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